Monday, August 14, 2006

Religious fanatics

Even 300 years ago, its sad to see certain faiths going exclusively towards the destruction of others. From the mouth of your Guru:

rojw DrY mnwvY Alhu suAwdiq jIA sMGwrY ]
rojaa dhurai munaavai aluhu suaadhath jeea sunghaarai
You keep your fasts to please Allah, while you murder other beings for pleasure.

Awpw dyiK Avr nhI dyKY kwhy kau JK mwrY ]1]
aapaa dhaekh avur nehee dhaekhai kaahae ko jhukh maarai
You look after your own interests, and so not see the interests of others. What good is your word? ||1||

kwjI swihbu eyku qohI mih qyrw soic ibcwir n dyKY ]
kaajee saahib eaek thohee mehi thaeraa soch bichaar n dhaekhai
O Qazi, the One Lord is within you, but you do not behold Him by thought or contemplation.

Kbir n krih dIn ky baury qw qy jnmu AlyKY ]1] rhwau ]
khubar n kurehi dheen kae bourae thaa thae junum alaekhai
You do not care for others, you are a religious fanatic, and your life is of no account at all. ||1||Pause||

swcu kqyb bKwnY Alhu nwir purKu nhI koeI ]
saach kuthaeb bukhaanai aluhu naar purukh nehee koee
Your holy scriptures say that Allah is True, and that he is neither male nor female.

pFy guny nwhI kCu baury jau idl mih Kbir n hoeI ]2]
putae gunae naahee kush bourae jo dhil mehi khubar n hoee
But you gain nothing by reading and studying, O mad-man, if you do not gain the understanding in your heart. ||2||

Alhu gYbu sgl Gt BIqir ihrdY lyhu ibcwrI ]
aluhu gaib sugul ghutt bheethar hirudhai laehu bichaaree
Allah is hidden in every heart; reflect upon this in your mind.

ihMdU qurk duhUM mih eykY khY kbIr pukwrI ]3]7]29]
hindhoo thuruk dhuhoon mehi eaekai kehai kubeer pukaaree
The One Lord is within both Hindu and Muslim; Kabeer proclaims this out loud. ||3||7||29||