Sunday, May 14, 2006

What is God?

This is a sort of thought experiment. Actually I've done this before and come up with a very similar sort of reasoning that is present in "God's Debris". A free ebook copy is available here.

So what is God? This is a question that has plagued millions of people for centuries. Our Gurus have written so much about Vaheguroo, but still when we read it, we still find difficulty in understanding exactly what Vaheguroo is.

Our Guru Granth Sahib states that Vaheguroo is bigger than anything, but within everything. Vaheguroo is nowhere, but everywhere. This, to me, is facinating. The following are my personal views... so please bear with me if I have mis-spoken.

Many fundamentalists like to see God as a person... a guy in a cloud somewhere? or a stone? or something physical. But I think what we forget is that God is sooo great, that God is above 'physical'. If this is true, then God can be anything.

So lets start with some facts.
  1. Our Gurus say that in the beginning there was only God. Science says that in the beginning there was the big bang... pure energy.

  2. Our Gurus say that now God is everywhere, in everything. Science says that our current universe consists of matter, energy, and forces.

  3. Our Gurus say that at the end of time, there will again be only God. Science says that at the end of time, everything will either pan out to infinity or come back together in a big crunch.. so everything will be energy again.

Whenever we refer to God, we think of light. It's God's light.. his blessings that we recieve. People, when they reach wisdom, become enlightened. Is this terminology mere coincidence? (Blessed persons are drawn with a halo of light around their head).

So what if GOD was energy? God would perimiate between each one of us. God makes up every atom, every electron, every molecule in our bodies. Every particle in our world. The energy that exists... Power... the forces of gravity, magnitism, all with Vaheguroo... In the beginning there was only Vaheguroo. Now, Vaheguroo is still omnipitant, we just don't see anything. And when the universe comes to an end, Vaheguroo, the energy will still remain. The law of conservation of energy says that energy cannot be created, nor destroyed: but it can be converted from one form to another. Is this what we are seeing? The one thing that unites every person, every particle in the universe is the one Vaheguroo... the same energy that connects us all?

I donno. But it sounds neat :)

Bhul chuk maph.

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