Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Bacteria of Humanity

The following is a post submitted to me by a good friend of mine :)

How can an individual be so addicted to something so deceitful? The caste system that our community is so addicted to and proud of having, is like the bacteria of humanity. Although Sikhism has raised its voice against these inhuman and unjust practices, this bacteria has remained deeply rooted in the society and even in the sikh community. Its damaging and debilitating. The main thing is not who is high caste or low caste, the real culprit is ego of the caste itself. Many people who do actually raise their voices against this practice only pay lip service and that is to get votes, although they do nothing to eliminate this system from the society. 500 years back Guru Nanak Dev Ji raised his voice against this practice:

“Know people by the light illumining them and do not ask their caste; for in the hereafter no one is differentiated by his caste.”

Guru Ji advised the people of the world to recognize people by the Lord’s light that shines in the body of everyone. It is the very same spark of the great Soul that glistens and gleams the body of everyone. Therefore one Soul should not be differentiated from another.

Guruji emphasizes on truthful living in which very few individuals believe and honestly practice.

“God does not mind our caste or birth, so let us learn the way of truthful living; for ones deeds proclaim ones caste and respect”

When a Sikh takes Amrit, he declares himself casteless. There is no distinction in any form in Sikhism every Sikh is equal to another Sikh. Guru Nanak Dev ji sets an example by associating himself with Bhai Mardana and Bhai Lalo. The Guru Granth Sahib ji is an embodiment of this human unity. We are all the same to God and all castes have no value in this age.

Now we ask who does this whole caste thing really matter to? Youth these days don’t know what to believe because they get stuck in between what others say. We all face it, whether it be by our friends or family. But who does it really effect is the real question. Some elders say that it is safer to be with the same caste because of the way each has adapted to their community and way of living. But if caste was eliminated when Guru Nanak said, there would have been no difference and everyone would have been equal. We should be one community in sikhi, now there are many different groups who declare themselves better then others.

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