Thursday, April 06, 2006

Ingredients of a Sikh

From "Confused Khalsa Rambles" blog:

Ingredients of a Sikh

One part saint, one part soldier,
One part that's always learning
As one grows older.

One part service, one part sword,
One part that's ever-evolving
On life's drawing-board.

One part spiritual, one part political,
One part that aims to expose
All that's hypocritical.

One part fearless, one part unthreatening,
One part that continues to hear
When the din is deafening.

One part meditative, one part martial,
One part that's eyes remain open
Yet is completely impartial.

One part kettle, one part kirpan,
One part that keeps collecting knowledge
As the clock ticks on.

One part kirtan, one part prayer,
One part that sheds light on it all
So the whole sangat can share.

One part devotion, one part action,
One part that speaks the truth
Regardless of sanction.

One part candle, one part flame,
One part literal translation
Of our famed 'Sikh' name.

One part Nanak, nine parts thereafter,
Blessed by Guru Granth Sahib,
Our eternal chapter."

1 comment:

--maddog said...

Did George Lucas Spend a lot of time with the Sikh?

You have described the soul of a Jedi.

I am a "recovering catholic."

On a job application, recently, I encountered a blank labeled, "Religion:."

I wrote, "Jedi" to be funny.

Now, after some thought, I think I'm serious!