Monday, April 24, 2006

Us the ignorant

Unfortunately, many people exist in this world that blind themselves with Ignorance. These people exist in all faiths, all religions, and bind themselves so tightly to doctrine that they fail to see the obvious inconsistancies that they perpetuate upon everyone of their faith.

The most recent high profile example is the case of teaching evolution vs. "Intelligent design" in schools. One is a scientific theory, the other something made up under the guise of religion. One has proof, the other does not. Yet somehow, many people follow the second one blindly, without realizing the pointlessness of it.

Recently, I had to reply to someone who said that God created the world and evolution was therefore wrong:

ALL of the evidence has shown that an evolution like process exists. This includes DNA evidence, analysis of changing proteins, the current development of new species, as well as existing evolutionary mechanisms that have been recorded WITHIN the last 100 years.

And here is your problem. Why believe that GOD can't use an evolutionary mechanism to create us? Having God and evolution aren't mutually exclusive. GOD gave us DNA. GOD gave us RNA. GOD created all the mechanisms by which our biology and evolution are currently functioning by. Just because "you say so" doesn't make this false.

That's the beauty of science. It looks at the evidence that GOD has given us, using HIS mechanisms to discover HIS rules. By your definition, the world is flat, the universe revolves around the earth, and evolution does not occur. Time to open your eyes and see the world that GOD created for you. He did not create a world of ignorance. YOU choose to be that way.

I now admit that I wrote a little angrily. But the argument still stands. Why bask ourselves in ignorance when God himself gave us such knowledge within our world?

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