Monday, July 24, 2006

Religions in Canada: Sikhism

This is a surprisingly thorough (and from what I can tell, accurate) explination about sikhism, posted on the Canadian Forces Web Site about religions.


(I did note one mistake in the 3rd paragraph which I emailed them to correct... try to find what it is!)

Religions in Canada: Sikhism


Shinda said...

"until the last of the 10, Guru Arjan Dev, compiled all the Scriptures written by his predecessors into one definitive work and named it his successor,"

nice find and good eye.

Khalsa4ever said...


I'm sure they confused the original composition of the Adi Granth, with Guru Gobind Singh who made the final composition and made it our Guru.

I'm sure it will be changed on their site shortly :)