Friday, July 28, 2006

Victorinox India

The Swiss Army Kirpaan

I just thought I'd let everyone know that this IS available from the Victorinox india website. Now it isn't cheap (the big one comes to about $125 with shipping).. and when I got it, I was happily ripped off (the "hologram" that was supposed to be written on one side wasn't present).

Even then, it is an amazingly high quality item, with a rich handle and super fine blade.

Victorinox India


S.K. said...

Guroo Fateh!

I've got one of those beauties, they really are something else and I think it's important to know how to yield them as they are proper shastars. Also, the Victorinox and Khanda engraving are only on one side, they're not supposed to be on both sides of the blade. I really like the cover it misleads most people about the size :)


Khalsa4ever said...

Mine was actually pretty large... but it had nothing written on one side, and a sticker with "deg teg fateh" written on the other (in gurmukhi ofcourse). Nothing else.

Oh well, still an EXCELLENT kirpaan (although not really wearable...)

Anonymous said...

What metal is the blade made out of. I have the small victorianox kirpan and it has rusted. It's not pure iron (sarbloh) is it?

Khalsa4ever said...

It is not Sarbloh, but rather stainless steel. That said, it shouldn't rust either... (stainless steel doesn't rust!).

I actually have the "big one", so it is possible that the smaller one is just a basic sort of steel.

¤Ð®ªঙøn¦Khåndų said...

I am offended that they are selling kirpaans like they do katanas. They are not some kind of display piece for people to see and have varied reactions to. Is this our "modern" Sikhi? Are we trying to make this better or worse? Kirpaans are not a weapon, not like a katana purely made for killing.


Khalsa4ever said...

Interesting point. But now I ask, what is the difference between this kirpan, and a "real" kirpan?

Why are they different? or are they the same?

Hari Singh said...

I want to get one of each of these, but my brother said he had trouble ordering from them and contacting them. I noticed there is a referal program on their homepage, do you want to refer me? It'll give you a discount if you ever order from them again. My email is (replace _at_ with @, of course). Did you get both the big one and the small one? Why do you say it's not wearable? I may not be interested after all if I can't wear them.

Jennifer Martin said...

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