Thursday, February 16, 2006

Site update

I've been trying to spend some spare time getting the rest of the site up and running. So far, things are starting to come together in the "Essays / Thoughts" section where in addition to the ebook I mentioned last time, I have also put up two Rehat Maryadas, one from Damdama Taksal, and the other from SGPC (both in English).

I feel that both are good in terms of their explanations: Sikhism is not a religion based on blind faith. Everything that we do serves a purpose, and without knowledge of that purpose, it becomes a ritual. Both of these Rehats have helped me in finding some of these reasons to better understand the true nature of Sikhism. More good reading!

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deep kaur khalsa said...

Vahegurujikakhalsa Vahegurujikifateh,

Really kool blog. will make sure to read when i have time.