Friday, February 17, 2006

Within your hands...

A family friend had just passed away, so my family and I went to take a look at the casket in lieu of his funeral tomorrow. It just got me thinking a bit about Akal Purakh and his role in life and death, in that in many ways, our lives are guided but dependant on the choices that we have made. Our friend was a true Gursikh and even after the illnesses that he had suffered, he still looked in peace.

Gauree Bairaagan, Fourth Mehl:
Just as the mother, having given birth to a son, feeds him and keeps him in her vision - indoors and outdoors, she puts food in his mouth; each and every moment, she caresses him.
In just the same way, the True Guru protects His GurSikhs, who love their Beloved Lord. ||1||
O my Lord, we are just the ignorant children of our Lord God.
Hail, hail, to the Guru, the Guru, the True Guru, the Divine Teacher who has made me wise through the Lord's Teachings. ||1||Pause||
The white flamingo circles through the sky, but she keeps her young ones in her mind; she has left them behind, but she constantly remembers them in her heart.
In just the same way, the True Guru loves His Sikhs. The Lord cherishes His GurSikhs, and keeps them clasped to His Heart. ||2||
Just as the tongue, made of flesh and blood, is protected within the scissors of the thirty-two teeth who thinks that the power lies in the flesh or the scissors? Everything is in the Power of the Lord.
In just the same way, when someone slanders the Saint, the Lord preserves the honor of His servant. ||3||
O Siblings of Destiny, let none think that they have any power. All act as the Lord causes them to act.
Old age, death, fever, poisons and snakes - everything is in the Hands of the Lord. Nothing can touch anyone without the Lord's Order.
Within your conscious mind, O servant Nanak, meditate forever on the Name of the Lord, who shall deliver you in the end. ||4||7||13||51|| (SGGS: 168)


Otpreka Singh said...

nice blog. waheguru

S.K. said...

Waheguroo. May Guroo ji bless you with much needed strength and understanding during this time, may this guroo-pyara be in his sweet charna...guroo rakha ji...