Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Idol worship gets cut

dyvI dyvw pUjIAY BweI ikAw mwgau ikAw dyih ]
dhaevee dhaevaa poojeeai bhaaee kiaa maago kiaa dhaehi
Why worship gods and goddesses, O Siblings of Destiny? What can we ask of them? What can they give us?

pwhxu nIir pKwlIAY BweI jl mih bUfih qyih ]6]
paahun neer pukhaaleeai bhaaee jul mehi booddehi thaehi
The stone gods are washed with water, O Siblings of Destiny, but they just sink in the water. ||6|| -- SGGS 636-7

In this quote, the stone gods just got owned. :)

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