Friday, March 24, 2006

The passing of ages

Bhai Gurdaas Jee's Vaar #1

juggrdI jb hovhy aulty jug ikAw hoie vrqwrw]
During the down fall of an age, people setting aside the duties of the age bahave contrary to their nature.

auTy iglwn jgq ivc vrqY pwp BRSt sMswrw]
The world gets engrossed in remorseful activities and sin and corruption prevail.

vrnw vrn n BwvnI Kih Kih jln bWs AMgXwrw]
Different sections(castes) of society develop hatred for one another and finish themselves through squabbles as the bamboos, due to their mutual friction, producing fire burn themselves as well as others.

inµdw cwlY vyd kI smJn nih AigAwn gubwrw]
Condemnation of the knowledge starts and in the darkness of ignorance nothing remains visible.

byd gRMQ gur h`t hY ijs lg Bvjl pwr auqwrw]
From that knowledge of the Vedas which gets man across the world ocean even the knowledgeable people get away.

siqgur bwJ n buJIAY ijc`r Dry n gur Avqwrw]
So long God does not descend on earth in the form of true Guru, no mystery can be understood.

gur prmySr iek hY s`cw Swh jgq vxjwrw]
The Guru and God are one; He is the true master and the whole world craves for Him.

cVy sUr imt jwie AMDwrw ]ñ÷]
He rises like sun and the darkness is dispelled.

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