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Prahlad's story

There are a few stories in the SGGSjee, but this one is one of my favorites. The story of Prahlad (from ancient hindu times).

This Shabad is by Guru Amar Daas Ji in Raag Bhairao on Pannaa 1154

BYrau mhlw 3 Gru 2
<> siqgur pRswid ]

iqin krqY ieku clqu aupwieAw ] Anhd bwxI sbdu suxwieAw ]
mnmuiK BUly gurmuiK buJwieAw ] kwrxu krqw krdw AwieAw ]1]

gur kw sbdu myrY AMqir iDAwnu ] hau kbhu n Cofau hir kw nwmu ]1] rhwau ]

ipqw pRhlwdu pVx pTwieAw ] lY pwtI pwDy kY AwieAw ]
nwm ibnw nh pVau Acwr ] myrI ptIAw iliK dyhu goibMd murwir ]2]

puqR pRihlwd isau kihAw mwie ] privriq n pVhu rhI smJwie ]
inrBau dwqw hir jIau myrY nwil ] jy hir Cofau qau kuil lwgY gwil ]3]

pRhlwid siB cwtVy ivgwry ] hmwrw kihAw n suxY Awpxy kwrj svwry ]
sB ngrI mih Bgiq idRVweI ] dust sBw kw ikCu n vsweI ]4]

sMfY mrkY kIeI pUkwr ] sBy dYq rhy JK mwir ]
Bgq jnw kI piq rwKY soeI ] kIqy kY kihAY ikAw hoeI ]5]

ikrq sMjogI dYiq rwju clwieAw ] hir n bUJY iqin Awip BulwieAw ]
puqR pRhlwd isau vwdu rcwieAw ] AMDw n bUJY kwlu nyVY AwieAw ]6]

pRhlwdu koTy ivic rwiKAw bwir dIAw qwlw ] inrBau bwlku mUil n freI myrY AMqir gur gopwlw ]
kIqw hovY srIkI krY Anhodw nwau DrwieAw ] jo Duir iliKAw suo Awie phuqw jn isau vwdu rcwieAw ]7]

ipqw pRhlwd isau gurj auTweI ] khW qum@wrw jgdIs gusweI ]
jgjIvnu dwqw AMiq sKweI ] jh dyKw qh rihAw smweI ]8]

QMm@ü aupwiV hir Awpu idKwieAw ] AhMkwrI dYqu mwir pcwieAw ]
Bgqw min Awnµdu vjI vDweI ] Apny syvk kau dy vifAweI ]9]

jMmxu mrxw mohu aupwieAw ] Awvxu jwxw krqY iliK pwieAw ]
pRhlwd kY kwrij hir Awpu idKwieAw ] Bgqw kw bolu AwgY AwieAw ]10]

dyv kulI liKmI kau krih jYkwru ] mwqw nrisMG kw rUpu invwru ]
liKmI Bau krY n swkY jwie ] pRhlwdu jnu crxI lwgw Awie ]11]

siqguir nwmu inDwnu idRVwieAw ] rwju mwlu JUTI sB mwieAw ]
loBI nr rhy lptwie ] hir ky nwm ibnu drgh imlY sjwie ]12]

khY nwnku sBu ko kry krwieAw ] sy prvwxu ijnI hir isau icqu lwieAw ]
Bgqw kw AMgIkwru krdw AwieAw ] krqY Apxw rUpu idKwieAw ]13]1]2]

Bhairao, Third Mehl, Second House:
One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru:

The Creator has staged His Wondrous Play.
I listen to the Unstruck Sound-current of the Shabad, and the Bani of His Word.
The self-willed manmukhs are deluded and confused, while the Gurmukhs understand.
The Creator creates the Cause that causes. ||1||

Deep within my being, I meditate on the Word of the Guru's Shabad.
I shall never forsake the Name of the Lord. ||1||Pause||

Prahlaad's father sent him to school, to learn to read.
He took his writing tablet and went to the teacher.
He said, ""I shall not read anything except the Naam, the Name of the Lord.
Write the Lord's Name on my tablet.""||2||

Prahlaad's mother said to her son,
"I advise you not to read anything except what you are taught."
He answered, ""The Great Giver, my Fearless Lord God is always with me.
If I were to forsake the Lord, then my family would be disgraced.""||3||

"Prahlaad has corrupted all the other students.
He does not listen to what I say, and he does his own thing.
He instigated devotional worship in the townspeople.""
The gathering of the wicked people could not do anything against him. ||4||

Sanda and Marka, his teachers, made the complaint.
All the demons kept trying in vain.
The Lord protected His humble devotee, and preserved his honor.
What can be done by mere created beings? ||5||

Because of his past karma, the demon ruled over his kingdom.
He did not realize the Lord; the Lord Himself confused him.
He started an argument with his son Prahlaad.
The blind one did not understand that his death was approaching. ||6||

Prahlaad was placed in a cell, and the door was locked.
The fearless child was not afraid at all. He said, ""Within my being, is the Guru, the Lord of the World.""
The created being tried to compete with his Creator, but he assumed this name in vain.
That which was predestined for him has come to pass; he started an argument with the Lord's humble servant. ||7||

The father raised the club to strike down Prahlaad, saying,
"Where is your God, the Lord of the Universe, now?"
He replied, ""The Life of the World, the Great Giver, is my Help and Support in the end.
Wherever I look, I see Him permeating and prevailing.""||8||

Tearing down the pillars, the Lord Himself appeared.
The egotistical demon was killed and destroyed.
The minds of the devotees were filled with bliss, and congratulations poured in.
He blessed His servant with glorious greatness. ||9||

He created birth, death and attachment.
The Creator has ordained coming and going in reincarnation.
For the sake of Prahlaad, the Lord Himself appeared.
The word of the devotee came true. ||10||

The gods proclaimed the victory of Lakshmi, and said,
"O mother, make this form of the Man-lion disappear!"
Lakshmi was afraid, and did not approach.
The humble servant Prahlaad came and fell at the Lord's Feet. ||11||

The True Guru implanted the treasure of the Naam within.
Power, property and all Maya is false.
But still, the greedy people continue clinging to them.
Without the Name of the Lord, the mortals are punished in His Court. ||12||

Says Nanak, everyone acts as the Lord makes them act.
They alone are approved and accepted, who focus their consciousness on the Lord.
He has made His devotees His Own.
The Creator has appeared in His Own Form. ||13||1||2||

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