Tuesday, March 07, 2006


That's what I feel like doing after listening to this recent spat against a particular individual "A. Singh" thats running around the net (I actually got an email about it too).

Apparently there is a "sikh" (who is involved in running a bunch of well known panthic websites) who may not be living life according to rehat. And so a bunch of blogs, emails, etc. have all popped up showing "evidence" that he is a bad character, etc. etc.

My reply to those running around sending emails and blogs:

prweI bKIlI krih AwpxI prqIiq Kovin sgvw BI Awpu lKwih ]
paraaee bakheelee karehi aapanee paratheeth khovan sagavaa bhee aap lakhaahi ||
They gossip about others, and lose their credit, and expose themselves as well.

Not that this may not be important to you, but don't waste our Sikhi on a personal squabble between yourselves and A. Singh. I really don't care what he is, but sending emails and defamatory blogs just goes to show who you really are. Time to grow up people. Work it out, and leave the sangat out of it.

We've got to learn that personal issues should remain that way, as we are in no way capable of judging others. This can only start a flame-war, which will end badly for everyone involved. I just hope they grow up before it's too late...

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S.K. said...

I'm not sure who this individual is, I did happen to see the websites, etc and I agree, complete waste of time and sadly so far from what our Guroo has taught us. We have so much to work on ourselves, who has time for hunting others? Strange world...